AVS Cargo Management Services Pvt Ltd

We at AVS truly see ourselves as part of the principal’s business. At AVS we offer our airline partner a full portfolio of services ranging from frontline sales to Customer Service and Finance.

Sales (Direct and offline)

The key responsibilities of Sales primarily include driving sales strategy of the Principal. Our sales team delivers by improving quality net revenues from the area of responsibility through effective account and product management. This is done by building strong relationships with the clients and thereby offer the best solutions to the customers.

Customer Service

The key responsibilities in Customer Service entails performing customer service function (Finance, Administrative, Customer Recovery and Imports). The Customer Service team at AVS have robust knowledge of customer service functions and processes in order to deliver world class customer service.


We provide all financial services to our airline partner which include AWB stock management, Revenue accounting, and Invoicing &collections. Our dedicated Central Finance Team ensures accurate billing and timely collections.